Manning Photography Yearbook Seniors

As a part of many of our school contracts, we offer to provide formal and informal portraits of the incoming seniors. These sessions are done either over the summer or in the early part of the school year unless your yearbook is a summer publication then the deadline is a little more flexible.  

Typically, we work with the yearbook adviser to customize the session based on your district needs.  Either way, we are prepared to provide formal and informal sessions for all of your seniors right at the school.  

Most of our schools love our Tux & Drape photos for the formal yearbook photo!  We make it easy by supplying the the suits and ties for the boys and elegant V-drapes for the girls.  Some schools opt out and leave the formal image up to the student  to dress "nice" and that is OK with us although the yearbooks with the Tux and Drape formals images look awesome!


As an option, we bring our "on-the-road' studio to the school and we photograph each senior in a casual outfit and setting.  The benefit is that the students will now have an "option" to use a professional image as a part of their senior pages in the yearbook.  Typically, the use of this image is not a requirement by our districts as many seniors have their portraits done on their own and want to use those in the yearbook.  

The feedback we get from our yearbook advisers and why they like the informals is that they now have an option to use a professional studio image where many students do not have one to provide and it makes the over-all look of the yearbook much better.

Call us to discuss your school and yearbook, we would love the opportunity to work with you and your district. 814-686-7834 or email us at